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Nominex Affiliate program Terminology

Affiliate bonus (reward)
~ a payout in the frames of the Nominex affiliate program credited to its member on the condition that all required conditions are fulfilled.

There are 8 different types of Nominex Affiliate program rewards:

1) Direct Reward
2) Team Helper Reward
3) Team Reward
4) Leadership Reward
5) Advancement Reward
6) Leaders’ Fund  Reward

Affiliate Rank
~ is based on the number of Cycles (сheck Team Cycles below) that are performed by the referrals of the user during the last calendar week. If they manage to achieve the Affiliate Rank and maintain it for two weeks in a row, the Promotional bonus  (in USDT*) is paid to them.

❗️Affiliate Ranks are updated every day at 00:00:00 UTC.  

To get any of the Promotional Bonus:
- the users have to reach the Rank specified above.

To claim the Promotional Bonus:
- the users have to reach and keep the Rank during the two weeks period. The Promotional Bonus can be obtained as many times as they meet the requirements and keep the appropriate Rank for two weeks in a row. 

All calculations are reflected in the table below:

Name of the Rank Cycles per week Prize in USDT
Bronze 1 -
Silver 5 100
 Gold 10 300
1 Star 20 500
2 Star 30 1000
3 Star 50 2000
Diamond 100 3000
Double Diamond 200 5000
Triple Diamond 300 7000
Diamond Elite 500 10000

* USDT - stable coin, a digital equivalent of US dollar

~ refers to the binary tree.

NMX Token
~ the base coin used and issued by Nominex.

Nominex binary tree
~ an organizational structure, where new members are introduced into a system with a tree-like structure where each new member of the organization has left and right sub-trees(teams).

~ someone who used someone else’s referral link.

Spillover effect
~ In the Nominex platform context: it means that you can get bonuses if the people whom you referred are active enough.

~ the person that invited you to the Nominex platform. Basically, the person whose referral link you used while signing up.

Team Cycle
~ represents 100 Team Points (TP) accumulated in left and 100 Team Points (TP) - in right teams. (250 USDT trading commissions paid from both right and left legs, resulting in a total sum of 500USDT paid trading commissions from both teams).

Team Point
~ 10 TP represents 25 USDT in commissions paid by the traders in your whole left or right affiliate team.

Total expenses volume
~ concrete volume expenses on the Nominex platform that lead to obtaining Active Partner status and unblocking of all affiliate rewards lists. They are calculated according to your personal expenses as well as your structure expenses.

Total expenses volume is calculated by the sum of the following paid positions:

  1. Trading commissions on the exchange.

  2. Discount trading packages purchases.

  3. NMX token purchases during the NMX distribution period.

  4. Third-party projects tokens purchases as a part of their distribution on the Nominex platform**

  5. Other purchases on Nominex platform.***

** Terms of third-party projects payouts may vary depending on each separate project

*** Total list of services and goods accounted in the total expense volume may change



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