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USDT/NMX pool migration from PancakeSwap to Nomiswap

Previously, the liquidity pool (NMX-USDT) with NMX utility token farming was on a third-party decentralized exchange - PancakeSwap. However, Nomiswap is constantly growing its position in the crypto market, and we migrate NMX-USDT pool to Nomiswap DEX.

Previously, liquidity pool tokens (NMX/USDT-LP) were accepted by the PancakeSwap exchange contract (0x9Cd2D1A3214c12BB6dbfA7DBc3B0641C26a2f9a6), and now they will be accepted by our Nomiswap DEX contract (0x2D8b192eAd2f402867323B072D143d44435EDd74).

As a result, over $11.5 million of liquidity will be added to Nomiswap DEX increasing its TVL.


Migration activation planned at 0:01 UTC, 23 February.

Referral program changes

All referral levels are now calculated based on the amount staked on the new Nomiswap contract (0x2D8b192eAd2f402867323B072D143d44435EDd74).

If you do not transfer funds to the Nomiswap contract, you will lose your referral level until you migrate your liquidity, and you will also be suspended from farming NMX tokens.

Therefore, transfer assets to our DEX address using a special button located on all pages of the farming section and keep getting passive income:

Data display

Some data (APR, daily distribution of tokens) will no longer be displayed for those who still have liquidity in PancakeSwap pool, because rewards through a PancakeSwap exchange are no longer awarded. In order for the data to be displayed, you need to migrate funds to a new Nomiswap liquidity pool.

If you did not have liquidity on PancakeSwap, then you will immediately see new relevant data.

Simple Farming

All Simple Farming user funds will be automatically migrated to the Nomiswap pool free of charge within a few hours after the liquidity allocation switchover. In this case, you don't need to do anything.

Holder bonus

To migrate funds to a new contract without losing the holder's bonus, use the special button in the exchange interface. You can find it on all pages of farming sections:

If you manually (not pushing the special button) deactivate the pool on PancakeSwap and stake your tokens on Nomiswap, you will lose the holder bonus without ability to recover it.

Therefore, press a special button to automatically transfer liquidity to a new contract.

Unclaimed rewards

This is the number of NMX tokens earned by farming in the NMX/USDT pool. They can be withdrawn, sold or reinvested.

These tokens will be claimed automatically and transferred to the user's wallet when transferring liquidity to the new Nomiswap pool. In the case of Simple Farming, liquidity will be migrated to Nominex exchange balance.

It will no longer be possible to reinvest these funds without losing the holder's bonus, but you can do this in advance before the time of migration activation - it is 0:01 UTC, 23 February. 

The automatic claim of tokens means that the harvest from your farming will be transferred to your wallet.

What's next?

After you have migrated your liquidity to a new Nomiswap pool through the Nominex website using the button located on the pages of the farming section (, you can continue to receive passive income from farming without any inconvenience.

Farming in the NMX/USDT pool is still listed on the Nominex exchange in the same sections. However, it will work on Nomiswap after migration time.

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