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Nomiswap - Q&A

Q: When is DEX going to be released?

A: The launch of a unique DEX is scheduled for the 30th of December.

Q: Is there any airdrop?

A: There is no airdrop, it's not planned for now, but certainly will be in the future.

Q: Will my Nominex account be connected to my Nomiswap account?

A: To answer the question, you need to read this:

In simple words, if you use the Metamask wallet on both the CEX and DEX, they will work as a whole

Q: Will I need to create an account on Nomiswap?

A: Sign up is not required, all you need is to connect your external wallet.

Therefore, prepare a MetaMask wallet so as not to waste time on this at the start. When doing this, pay serious attention to safety. 

Here's an article on this topic:

Q: How many pools are going to be available for staking?

A: List of pools:













Q: Is there any NEW coin?

A: No, but you'll be able to farm NMX in different pools (For instance: NMX / ETH)

Q: Will I need to transfer my funds to Nomiswap?

A: You will be able to continue farming through Nominex, but only on the NMX-USDT pool. If you want to farm on other pools or stake NMX tokens, then you need to create a Metamask wallet and transfer coins there for the corresponding pools or staking NMX.

If you withdraw money from the NMX-USDT pool, at this point in time you will lose the Holder bonus. Therefore, make your decisions carefully.

After the v2 of Nomiswap is launched, you'll be able to transfer your funds to Nomiswap (the Holder bonus won't reset)

Q: Which funds will be used to pay daily rewards for liquidity providers of new pools?

A: At the start of DEX, we will offer increased profitability for farming and staking in order to attract as many new users as possible. This additional return will be drawn from a pre-allocated pool of 20M tokens for marketing purposes.

Q: Which is more beneficial, to keep farming on Nominex or put out my funds and bring them into the DEX farming?

A: You must make your own decisions based on various factors, not only including the current level of profitability in each of the pools.

It is worth noting that new pools at the very beginning may have high profitability simply because the pool is new, but this profitability can quickly decrease with the arrival of farmers and additional liquidity.

Q: What APR is going to be after DEX is launched?

A: Specific APR values depend on the number of staked tokens, so this cannot be predicted.


At the start, there will be little liquidity in new pools, so there may be distortions in the price of tokens that differ from the market ones. Also, please, when making exchanges on such pools, be careful and pay attention to the indicator of the influence on the price. If you change a large amount on a low-liquidity pool, it may not be profitable.

It may be worthwhile to prepare in advance the necessary tokens on the MetaMask wallet in the required quantity so that they can simply be put into the pools right away.

The first DEX release will only have standard farming and staking mechanisms.

No bonus for the duration of farming, no referral deductions for farming and trading on DEX.

But the referral structure can and should be built because as soon as we launch the second version, all this will work and you will begin to receive, among other things, all referral bonuses for the already formed team and for their existing farming and exchange.

*The profitability in tokens at the moment, and is approximate, and there is a risk of impermanent loss on pairs not with stable coins. Also, remember that trading on crypto is risky and you only need to do it if you understand what you are doing.

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