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Binance Brokerage Program

What is Binance Brokerage Program?

The Binance Brokerage Program is a brokerage program from the crypto market leader, Binance. Broker partners can fully focus on business development and earn a share of the profit from trading commissions by leveraging Binance's high liquidity and market depth.

How is this implemented? This integration is achieved by the fact that user funds are actually stored on the Binance platform, and orders are also executed on the Binance platform, but visually, all this happens on the Nominex platform.

Advantages of BBP

Nominex has managed to take the very best from Binance without losing its uniqueness. Let's take a closer look at what comes out together:

1. You can use Binance trading tools and liquidity right on the Nominex exchange. 

In simple terms, you have the ability to trade over 1000+ Binance pairs through the Nominex interface. You also have access to all the liquidity that is on the Binance exchange. And this is the largest liquidity among all exchanges in the world.

2. Thanks to Nominex farming, you can trade on Binance without trading fees. 

This opens up the opportunity for users to use the unique capabilities of two platforms at the same time. 

📈 Binance is now offering you a 25% discount if you pay trading fees with a BNB token. When paying commission with NMX tokens, the discount will be 50%, and when the maximum level of farming is reached, trading on Nominex becomes completely free! This, in turn, means free trading on Binance, since all of its functionality is already available on Nominex.

In fact, you make money by farming  NMX and at the same time trade for free on the Binance exchange. This gives you a huge advantage and benefits from using Nominex!

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3. In the near future, Nominex will provide additional value in the form of new trading tools: semi-automatic trading bots, copy trading, and much more.

You can take a look at our roadmap and get acquainted with future development plans by following the link: 

4. Do not forget about the unique feature of Nominex - its utilitarian farming. The price of the NMX token directly depends on the demand for it. Traders will be able to provide additional demand. The broker program combines the best of the world of trading and farming, thereby attracting more and more traders to the Nominex platform.

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