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Migration of trading pairs to BBP

  Starting today (November 10, 2021), we are gradually starting to migrate existing trading pairs to the Binance brokerage program.

This process will consist of the following steps for the currency pair to be migrated:

1. We will automatically close all open orders of all users for this currency pair.

2. A currency or trading pair starts to work on the Binance broker. Please note that trading this currency is only possible if you have given your consent to migrate to the Binance platform with a broker for this currency.

3. You need to make a decision: either to withdraw funds in the corresponding currency to your personal wallet or agree to the migration to the Binance broker platform.
In this case, the coin will be automatically migrated to the balance on the Binance broker platform (in this case, the standard fee for a withdrawal on Nominex will be withheld)

P.S. NMX will not be listed on Binance. There will be a separate mechanism for the NMX exchange for the time being. After a while, we will return the possibility of full-fledged trading with it and other currencies that are not on Binance (no timeframe yet).

  To find out how to migrate your account to BBP, please, read here

4. After receiving the required number of confirmations in the blockchain for a withdrawal and deposit to the Binance broker, your coin's balance will be credited to the Binance broker, so you could start trading this coin using all the liquidity of the Binance exchange.

5. On February 1, all Nominex user balances not migrated to the Binance broker will be automatically migrated to the Binance broker. We will add new pairs gradually at the beginning. After a while, we will add all the remaining ones at once.

 Note that there will be a separate form of exchange at first. Transactions will be performed in the NMX:USDT liquidity pool on Pancake and credited to the user's balance on the Nominex exchange.

Since Nominex users can have many different coins on their balance, you may need to prepare for the "move" to the Binance broker in advance.

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