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How to calculate APY?

Understanding how to calculate APY is an important part! Let's dive in right into it :)

APY (without reinvestment) on Nominex exchange is calculated using the following formula:


RNMXUSDT per NMX rate.
FD365distribution of the Primary and Bonus pools tokens over the next 365 days.

TSUSDT the total staked amount in USDT.

You can find the rate of NMX on the page:

the number of the total staked USDT on the page

and the future distribution of tokens into a modal window on any DeFi page:

For example, on the screenshots above, the NMX rate is 4.52154, the total staked value is 8,086,199.85 USDT and 4,119,672 + 823,934 = 4,943,606 NMX tokens will be distributed in the future.

If we apply these values to the formula we get:

If we want to calculate APY with reinvestment, we use the Effective Interest Rate formula:

i stated annual interest rate.
n number of compounding periods.

We take n as 12 for monthly reinvestment, and as 365/7=52 for weekly reinvestment

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