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Crazy Farming Week + NMX Lucky Draw

We have been working for a long time to ensure that cryptocurrencies and earnings in the trend direction of DeFI become available to a wide audience - which is poorly versed in this area or not versed at all.

And we did it: simplified one-click NMX token farming is now a reality.

DeFi Farming is a modern high-tech analog of bank deposits, but only in the field of cryptocurrencies and with higher percentages of profitability. True, there are risks, so the decision must be taken carefully.

Information on the Nominex website:

First, great news - in honor of the launch of simplified farming, we are announcing the second wave of a frenzied bonus fever!

Within 7 days (July 9-15), we will triple the rewards for the duration of farming.

This is a great opportunity to increase your income both for existing farmers (of which there are already more than 8000) and for those who are just deciding to join their ranks. It has now become much easier to do this when using the 1-click farming function.

You can learn more about the simplified farming mode itself at the link:

Learn more about the Crazy Farming Week:

The second great news is the NMX Lucky Draw.

As is usually the case with Nominex, the bonus does not come alone!

Leave your application for participation in the NMX Lucky Draw, where we will distribute $ 50 dollars to 50 lucky people for simple tasks. Don't miss your chance!

Prize Pool: $ 2,500

Application deadline: July 2 - 15

Detailed conditions of the competition:

Link to the application form:

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