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NMX Youtube Challenge | EN

Competition rules

Acceptance of applications from May 27 to June 9 00:00 UTC.

Summing up — June 12. The list of winners will be published on the official telegram channel.

You can apply for the competition through a special form.

The terms of participation

  • Subscribe to the telegram 

  • Record a 5 to 30-minute video review
  • In the review, tell about your personal experience: how did you hear about the project? How long have you been farming? What are the results? What do you especially like?
  • A review should be done about the NMX + farming functionality and features of the Nominex exchange. You can make a video instruction, show the mechanics of farming, tell about each section of your personal account, tell about the affiliate program, tell what the utility of the NMX token is and how farming is integrated into the exchange itself.
  • The video must be uploaded to your Youtube channel and repost to your personal accounts on social networks (your personal account must have at least 200 friends / subscribers, your account must be at least a year old). Your affiliate link should be placed under your video.
  • The video language can be any
  • The competition involves videos published on Youtube after the announcement of the competition and submitted for participation in the competition through a special form.
  • Video quality: minimum 720p
  • Be sure to show your affiliate ID number in the video being recorded so that it can be seen that it is you who are filming the video.
  • The video should collect 25+ views. Show it to your friends or acquaintances.
  • An example script can be found later in this document.
  • Have in your personal farming from 100 USDT and show it on video.
  • One Nominex user can enter the competition only once. A video can only be submitted for participation in the competition once.


  • Use the maximum number of available hashtags from the provided list: DeFi, DeFi token, DeFi project, DeFi staking, DeFi crypto, DeFi coins, best DeFi, DeFi 2021, what is DeFi, nominex, nmx
  • Use the words "NMX farming", "Nominex" in the title

Why participate?

In addition to rewards in NMX tokens, you can use your video to attract new partners to your team. This in turn will increase your bonuses for team farming and personal referral farming.

Determination of the winners

The winners will be determined by a jury from the Nominex team.

The works will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Sequence of presentation
  • Argumentation
  • Possession and knowledge of the exchange interface and the DeFi section
  • Accessibility of presentation (the ability to clearly explain complex concepts)
  • Reasonableness of the script
  • Video quality, sound and picture quality
  • Demonstration of personal experience and vision of the author of the video (show the results of personal pharming, affiliate program, trading)
  • Personal conclusion and author's assessment of the project


Total Prize Pool: 500 NMX *
1) 125 NMX
2) 75 NMX
3) 50 NMX
4-10) 35 NMX
* ~ 2100 USDT at the time of the launch of the competition


These are examples of the work of bloggers who have already reviewed NMX farming. You can build on these videos.

Video recording software

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