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How to buy USDT on Nominex

At the moment, the only USDT tokens you can buy on Nominex are of the ERC-20 type. If the purpose of the purchase is to add assets to the liquidity pool, then the format should be different. This is a type of BEP-20 token that is supported by the BSC blockchain. 

You can buy them on Binance or Pancake. Or buy USDT ERC20 on Nominex, and then transfer to a Binance wallet and convert to BEP-20 when transferring to a decentralized wallet. 

How to make a purchase of cryptocurrency on Nominex is described below. How to convert everything into the BEP-20 format is in this guide.

Buying cryptocurrency

After logging in to your personal account, you need to select the "Buy Crypto" menu section, after which the exchange window will open. 

In it, you need to select the desired currency from the list and specify the amount that you plan to spend on the purchase of USDT. Clicking the " Buy " button will open a new window displaying the item and the amount of the transaction. 

After that, you can go directly to the payment and fill in the payment card details. After the transaction is confirmed, the money will be credited to your account on the exchange. 

Select " Buy " in the top menu of your Personal Account:

Select the direction of the transaction and enter the amount that we want to spend on the purchase of USDT and confirm the terms of the transaction

Enter the payment card details and make the payment:

After a while, the crypto will appear on your account. Done!

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