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The difference between NMX and NMX-LP

NMX is a decentralized token that can be bought, sold, farmed or added to the liquidity pool with USDT.

NMX-LP is a liquidity token that can not be bought and sold anywhere. This liquidity token can be obtained only by placing NMX and USDT in the same proportion in the NMX/USDT liquidity pool. 

To put it simply, NMX-LP is like a contract in a bank which proves that your assets are in the liquidity pool. You opened a deposit in the bank, you received a receipt. To get your deposit back you need to show this receipt.

After that, you can only do 2 actions with NMX-LP:

  1. Place it in staking for additional earnings in NMX tokens;

  2. Return it to the pool to return the invested funds. After that, the smart contract burns NMX-LP tokens.

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