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[CLOSED] Video Quest


Become an actor, producer and director you always dreamt to be. Let people on Youtube know why you like Nominex. Express yourself. Sticking to the script or improvising is totally up to you. 

Terms and conditions:

- Create an account on
- Join our Telegram chat

# 1) Create a video review dedicated to Nominex and upload it on YouTube/Facebook/VK.

  • Tell your community about the main advantages our platform has and your personal experience of using it.  

  • To successfully complete this task, please follow through with the Video Making Manual.  Use any 5 of total 9 bullet points enlisted in the mentioned manual.  

  • Required video duration: >5 minutes. Maximum duration should not exceed 20 minutes. 

  • Required video quality:  min. 720p

  • While making this video, you must indicate your partner ID in order to be normally identified.  

    **Optionally** While shooting your video demonstrate how you buy NMX tokens - this will increase your rewards (see more details below).

  • Your video should gain 50+ views

  • Your account must be registered at least 5 months ago. 

  • Have a minimum of 200 real users subscribed to your channel/social network.

# 2) Once you’ve uploaded your self-created video clip, proceed with its Editing

  • Use one of the offered combinations for your video Title:  “Nominex”, “binary referral program”, “unlimited referral levels” or take your own one that best fits your video subject. 

  • Description should include: 1) a short resume of your video и 2) small  pattern:

    Nominex is the next-generation crypto exchange with a binary referral program where everyone can get up to 50 000 USD bonuses per week with 1 mln referral levels. Sign up at Nominex by clicking on my referral link and start building your own business: <insert your referral link>

  • Put several hashtags from the list below in “Tags” section: 
    #nominex #btchalving #blockchain #cryptocurrency #exchange #software #fintech #bitcoin #ethereum #marketplace #bitcoincash #MLM #trading
    If you upload your video on Vkontakte, put these hashtags in the Description section.

#3) Once you are done with the video quest task, promptly report your activity via live chat on our website with your Telegram username. 


  • 70 NMX as your basic bounty reward

  • If you include the demonstration of your buying 50 NMX or more in your video, your reward for this video will become 120 NMX (instead of 70 NMX).

  • If you include the demonstration of your buying 100 NMX or more in your video, your reward for this video will become 200 NMX (instead of 70 NMX).

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