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[CLOSED] Quora Quest


Become a member of an exclusive ?bounty campaign. Perhaps, this will never be launched by any other team again!

By participating in the discussions on Quora you earn both the popularity and tokens. Write a comment concerning Nominex or start your own topic. There is a chance that Satoshi Nakamoto himself will respond to your publication (but that’s not for sure).

The quest will be conducted for 1 month (unless the project team announces an extension of it).

Start of the campaign: August 19, 2020

?Be aware that the team has the right to amend the Quest rules at any time.

? Tips for working with Quora:

 There are several basic types of interaction on the Quora website:

  • Creation of your own questions

  • Answering questions from other users

  • Various types of social interaction (comment, the share of someone else's publication, upvote / downvote, like)

  • It is also possible to invite an expert or a friend to publish the answer to your question.

The more questions you answered or the more answers / comments to your questions you have collected, as well as the more social reactions your posts have received, the more a trust your account has (it is called a “trust limit”).


  • You must be the first who asked a unique question. Quora verifies the published content very well, so you won't be able to make two posts with the same question. In the process of participation, you will need to recommend an official Nominex account to answer any questions about our exchange.

  • Quora scores the first correct answer. If the answer is correctly supplemented, then this supplement is also allowed by the system.

Terms and conditions:

- Register on

- Join our Telegram chat

- Apply for participation in our quest here 

- Only after your application has been approved, proceed to the Quest tasks. Your application status will be accessible here.

- Subscribe to the official Nominex space  and the official Nominex account.

- Name and Surname in the account must be real. Please read the Quora Policy first, so you don't have any problems while using the platform. Also, check an example of a well-filled profile info.

- The Credentials & Highlights sections must be completely filled.

What is prohibited within our Quora Quest:

- cheating, advertising, use of bots, spam generated in your profile;

- using multi-accounts;

- duplication of questions, answers to questions and comments;

- posting of any referral links.


1) 15 NMX for one Unique question about Nominex. You can do this task 2 times, the maximum reward is 30 NMX.

Should you need more ideas for your question, feel free to refer to the samples of  questions below and create your own unique content about our project:

1. The Tournament prize is real USDT or not?
2. How is the Tournament profit calculated?

3. How can I withdraw my NMX tokens?

4. How are the team points in the Nominex referral program calculated?

5. Which country is Nominex exchange registered in?

6. What will happen to all unsold NMX tokens?

7. Do I need to pass KYC if I want to purchase nmx?

8. Are my funds safe on Nominex?

9. How many days will Tournaments last for?

10. Do payment gateways demand KYC?

11. What is the difference between a Demo account and a Tournament account on Nominex?

12. How can I use my NMX tokens?

13. Is the NMX token already traded?

14. What happens if I lose my trust assets received from Nominex exchange?
15. Can I simultaneously trade using my personal assets and trust assets on Nominex?

❗️Disclaimer: Nominex team cannot say with 100% certainty that the said questions are truly unique ones and have not already been posted by one of the existing Quora’s members. The project team also does not guarantee that usage of this prepared project’s content will not lead to any unpleasant situations, including the ban of the participant's account. In all such cases, we advise you to contact the Quora support / administration directly.

2) 10 NMX for a Full cycle of interaction with any Quora’s post (post upvote + post share + constructive comment under the post) posted in the official Nominex account. Quest task can be completed 2 times a month with a 2-week interval. The maximum reward is 20 NMX.

3)  0.5 NMX is given for a Social cycle of interaction (upvote + reshare) with any post or response of the official Nominex account. You will be credited with 5 NMX when you fully complete this quest. It is available for execution only 10 times, 1 one in 2 days.

4) 20 NMX are credited for a Unique post mentioning the Nominex project. The task can be completed only once. Your post should be 750-1250 words long.

The Total Quora Quest reward (for all tasks successfully completed) is 75 NMX.

⚠️All your posts, comments, questions, upvotes, reshares and constructive comments made as part of our Quest are prohibited from deleting until the end of the entire Bounty Program!

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