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[CLOSED] Telegram Quest


Get the maximum rewards for actively participating in our chat and helping newcomers and discussing news. Did you think that making money with communication is impossible?  Sorry, you were wrong  ?

The quest is designed for only 200 people and will be run for 1 month (unless the project team announces the extension of the campaign).

Start of the campaign: August 19, 2020

If, for any reason, the current participant leaves, he gets the NMX tokens he earned to his account on the Nominex exchange. However, another application from him will not be considered and a new player will take his place in the Quest.

?Be aware that the team has the right to amend the Quest rules at any time.

Terms and conditions:

- Register on

- Subscribe to our official Telegram chat

?Keep Chatting Active - 1 NMX / comment. The maximum number for one member is 20 messages / week. Messages posted in this chat only are counted.

Weeks schedule is below:

1W: 22.08 - 28.08

2W: 29.08 - 4.09

3W: 5.09 - 11.09

4W: 12.09 - 18.09

?Participate actively in any conversations that are created in the chat. On the last day of the campaign, our team will select the most  buzzy Nominexians who will be rewarded with additional rewards. Details will be announced at the end of the bounty program.

?Each quest participant is allowed to use  one account only. Users with multi- / fake accounts and bots will be immediately disqualified from participating in this Quest.

?Messages should be constructive and helpful. Greetings or uninformative messages like “Hello everyone!” or “Great Project”  will not be counted.

- Make sure you have set the Telegram username (@name)!

- Each participant in the quest must put an avatar - any of your choice or a Nominex branded one (see details below).

Categories of the messages that will be eligible for rewards:

  • questions to chat admins related to the Nominex project: NMX token and their Distribution, Tournaments, Affiliate program payouts, etc.;

  • product reviews: what you liked the most about Nominex exchange, affiliate program, Nominex platform main features. Your opinion should be honest.

  • constructive suggestions for the development of the project and the Nominex crypto exchange. 

?Send your quest report with links of your messages from the chat every week of the Telegram campaign no later than on Friday to this google form

?A table with the statistics of all participants is available here

?To get the link of the message you wrote,  make a right mouse button click on the message and select the command - Copy Message linkIf you are using the web version of Telegram, take a screenshot of your message (use the lightshot hosting or whatever is convenient for you).

❌Asking about bounty payments for Telegram quest in our chats - English and Russian - is not allowed and will lead to a ban and disqualification from the quest. You can refer your question to our admins from the online chat on the project’s website

❌Do not delete your messages after the end of the Quest! The bounty team must have constant access to the texts of your posts.
❌No spam or advertisements of any other companies or wearing other projects avatars or slogans while you are enrolled in this campaign is allowed.

➕Additional rewards options:

1. Choose your role in Nominex community and start promoting our project by wearing one of our branded avatars - +2 NMX per week added to initial reward for chatting activity.

Select one of the options 

Download it here

 2. Adding the slogan Nominex - superb crypto trading to the “Personal name” section (check the example) of your Telegram profile grants +1 NMX per week added to initial rewards for the activity in the chat.

If you choose both options for yourself, the total number of rewards will be +3 NMX / week for a participant.

IMPORTANT! If you remove an avatar or slogan, then you lose the opportunity to  receive this bonus any further. The avatar and slogan must be worn until the very end of the campaign in order to receive the maximum number of the Telegram Quest rewards.

3. Promotion of the Nominex project in your own channels and chats. Your resources should have at least 250 users of the target audience and their topic should correlate with Nominex’s sphere of interests.

  • If you published your advertising content before your resources were approved by our team, we have the right not to reward such initiatives of yours. All instructions regarding the format of your post, as well as full terms of cooperation will be provided by our admins.

    ?Have some questions? Please pose them in our Telegram chat.

?Your NMX reward will be credited to your Nominex exchange account every Monday after your messages for the previous week are checked. 

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