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[CLOSED] Bounty Quests General information


Nominex is a next-gen crypto exchange. We pay attention to the safety of our platform, give the opportunity to build your own business with our referral program and make our interface as friendly as it can be. Try it now and see for yourself: become a partner and start making money from an infinite number of referral levels and 8 types of bonuses at once, without waiting for the distribution of tokens. Earn as many NMX tokens as possible.

You can also get them for free by completing our Bounty Quests. Pick any of the social media platforms from Instagram to Quora, tell your friends and subscribers about Nominex, why are you with us and get rewarded with NMX coins. For each direct referral of yours that signs up thanks to your efforts, you get some additional NMX that can double or even triple your bonuses!

Our NMX rewards will be credited instantly - no need to wait for the end of the tokens distribution. Participate in our Bounty Quests and get the maximum reward of more than 2000 NMX! 

Right now up to 9 types of bounty campaigns are accessible for you:

➤  Signature Quests

Quora Quest

Telegram Quest

Stories Quest

Video Quest

Referral Quest

Twitter Quest

Facebook Quest

Vkontakte Quest

?Execute these actions in order to gain NMX tokens: 

1. Apply for participation:

-    Sign up at 

- Join our Telegram channel @nominex_announcements and Telegram chat @NominexExchange.
-   Send your reports (if it's required by the Quest rules) with links and Telegram username to our online chat on

2. Read thoroughly the terms and conditions of the chosen quest. 

3. To receive our assistance at any time, contact our support via Nominex live chat on our  website or our telegram chat. We are looking forward to receiving your bounty quests-related feedback and new contests and prizes ideas as well.   

4. Start completing as many quests as you wish. 

5. To receive your reward you must fulfill all terms and conditions of the chosen quest.

6. All our quests are conducted through the social networks. Multiple/over-spammed accounts/bots will NOT be approved and credited! ?   

7. You should be 18+ old to participate in our bounty program. 

8. Please mind that we also do not accept US residents.  

?IMPORTANT NOTICE!Be aware that all members are required to use their referral links during the period of their participation in our quests. To obtain one, check the “Referral program” section accessible in your personal account (see the image attached). Link example:*your referral ID*.  

Attention! Bounty Quests will be be run until the Nominex Team announces the end of them. In order to be fully aware of all recent updates,  join our Telegram chat.


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